About Hep2O

Hep2O.eu (Techno Pipes Group Ltd.) trades in Wavin goods.

Н2О is necessary for all kinds of life on the earth. From time immemorial, man has sought to gain access to it and thousands of years ago began to build plumbing sites.

Plumbing systems with properly selected diameters, made of quality materials are no longer just a luxury but a fundamental requirement. The modern construction of residential buildings requires the construction of modern plumbing systems for hot and cold water.

Hep2O® is a complex system designed for water supply and heating installations. The composition of the system includes elastic polybutylene pipes, a wide range of fittings, as well as all the accessories needed to perform the installation. The pipes are available in two versions - STANDARD and BARRIER. One of the many advantages of the system is the unique push-fit connection solution. Thanks to the special construction of the fittings, developed and modernized for over 40 years, after inserting the pressure pipe into the fitting, an airtight and durable connection is obtained.

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